Being based in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, has some real advantages from well known landscapes to the small hidden gems only local people may be aware of. 


Your interests may be in wildlife photography, landscape photography, social photography and even creative writing to go with your work, if so I would be more than happy to help you.  I would also be more than happy to help if you are a beginner to photography and have no real idea of how to use your camera. I would be happy to help by guiding and assisting with helping you to gain knowledge on this creative and expressive art.  Even though I may only photograph on film today, I have had many years of experience with digital capture, however the understanding off both methods can only benefit in the long run when teaching. 


For me today it is more about being at one with the subject matter, also having the purpose to shoot the subject in the first place.  It is also important to understand the landscape we are working in, are we going to have an impact on the environment or wildlife whilst there, are we working around monuments etc.  These are all field craft skills I would be happy to show and explain more on during the day.


More importantly “for me anyway” it is about you as a photographer enjoying the experience while out in the field.  The sessions are six hours long, long enough to enjoy but not to long they become exhausting.  What to bring?  Well good footwear and appropriate clothing is the first thing, the more comfortable you are, the nicer the experience.   Bring all the camera equipment you want for the day, but just as important bring a pen a pad so you can take notes reflecting on what you have learned.  You may even want to reference the weather or draw the scene in front before capturing it with your camera.  There is no doubt in my mind you will enjoy and hopefully be inspired by the day, giving you the desire to go out and capture your subjects with more confidence, creativity and enjoyment.


We meet at the Ty Newyedd Country Hotel – Penderyn where we shall have refreshments before heading out to our locations.  I will be happy to drive during the experience, so you can just put your feet up and enjoy the scenery as it passes by the window.  We shall base our days work on previous conversations leading up to the workshop, during these discussions I can get an idea of the subject matter you would like to capture during your visit.  I can then plan the best locations and routes to the destinations where along the journey I shall fill you in on the local culture and history of the landscape.  Once finished we then return to the hotel to reflect on the experience over tea or coffee.