Bomber Command Collections

I have been very fortunate to have met some astonishing people, how I  met them was by chance or luck.  I never thought that having dinner at my folks house would send me on a journey that took over 4 years, a journey where I would be able to sit and talk with those who had actually seen WW2 from the air.  Over the 4 years I met three lovely gents who gave me their time to reflect on some of the horrors they had personally witnessed whilst airborne over Britain and Europe.  I spoke to  them, some 60 years after, in their own homes, drawing to the end of their own time.  I knew that I would never have the opportunity to meet anyone like them again.  All three men were very different in character, stature and charisma, the thing they did have in common was they lived in the south-east of England.


During the journey I built wonderful relationships with them, as they  delved back into the past, which I could see was distressing and emotionally draining for them, but we also had some smiles from stories that encouraged them during the war, their courage 60 years later was just as strong as when flying on missions.


We must never forget their stories; we need to remember all the sacrifices they made, for the sake of future generations so we understand why we live in a free society in Britain.

Lest we forget

They answered the call
With mighty hearts, they took a stand
In the pursuit of liberty
They died on foreign land.

Those that made it home
Carry a burden within their soul
More years behind them now
Yet stories remain untold.

We may never understand it
Few hearts can comprehend
The courage one must possess
To rise and take a stand.

So I ask of you this
Dear friends and family
How will you remember
This most earnest legacy?

Will you bow your head in silence?
Offer a silent prayer?
Let’s honour all they’ve sacrificed
For the freedoms we hold dear.

Below are the stories of the three men & my journey

Fred Crawley

Sid Beaver

Ben May

Outside Of Interviews