Lewis James Phillips



Britain’s Temperate Rain Forest, an environment, a place, a habitat, and without doubt a mosaic of art. A place to wander, a landscape to enjoy.

A location that has truly helped me as an artist understand myself, my thinking, my vision, my understanding of nature. It is never in a rush and goes through the seasons at its own pace. I have gone along with it through the seasons and discovered its treasures. An interesting article stated on the fact that the earth is morphing; does this include landscapes such as these? Or are they truly natural and untouched by man? Have the forests had to adjust to today’s landscaped world? Or have we paid them little attention? Just little enough attention for them to just continue existing at their own pace?

This collection of work showcases all the intimate details that are to be found in the temperate rain forests of Britain, our lost forests. Taken from the Winter months through the seasons and then back to Winter again.