Lewis James Phillips


About A Strand

About A Strand was a project of 2 years in the making. A photographic social documentary showcasing mental health and homelessness. The work was based on one of the busiest streets in London, The Strand. An iconic area of the city yet surpassed with homelessness and massive mental health issues. The work was trying to showcase that no matter how well you may think people are achieving in their career, how much money they may earn, THEY may still suffer with the same symptomatic issues as someone who has served for their country and become homeless, or a highly educated person that has had a situation gone horribly wrong and found themselves on the street. This project was also trying to give people the voice, to share their stories whether it be good or bad, taking away the stereotype responses that many of us voice when we see somebody sitting in a cardboard box homeless. Lewis worked with many organisations during the work, he also became friends with many people he met along the way. There was also some really fantastic outcomes at the end of the documentary. People once homeless back in a job and living what we call a normal life. The work was showcased for 6 weeks at The Crypt, St Martins In The Fields, Trafalgar Square. Funds were also raised for The Mental Health Foundation. We thank everyone for their support.