New Artwork, New Thinking

New Artwork, New Thinking has changed so much since the days I first picked up a camera, yet like myself many are falling backRead More »

National Parks or National Jokes

National Parks or National Jokes As the owner of a tourism based conservation business Wings of Wales, part of my job is guiding visitors onRead More »

A Busy Few Months

Last Few Months The last few months have been interesting to say the least, in fact for me as an artist they have been oneRead More »

Feeding Station

Feeding Station To those who know me, know my thoughts on how we are surrounded by agricultural deserts in Britain.  Poor environment, poor education forRead More »

Happiness, Selfishness Or Greed

Happiness, Selfishness Or Greed The last few years have been strange and volatile for many of us around the world, and as we have movedRead More »

What 2023 Holds

What 2023 Holds The new year is now well and truly in full swing and I have already had the opportunity of getting out withRead More »

The End Of A Year In The Field. 2022

The End Of A Year In The Field. 2022 For me 2022 has been a big turnaround from a photography perspective. I personally have changedRead More »

Working with Charmonix 45H-1

Working with Charmonix 45H-1 Since moving from digital to film the transitions has at times been a little scarey, fun and frustrating. I started withRead More »

Rainforest Of The UK

Rainforest Of The UK For many years I have been disillusioned with what direction my photography career was moving in. The overwhelming abundance of imagesRead More »

Photographer and writer Cody Schultz

Photographer and writer Cody Schultz Why large format?Two words: Ben Horne. Or perhaps "self-hatred" would be more apt. My journey into film began in 2017Read More »

Mark Darragh True Large Format Wilderness Photographer

Interview With Wilderness Large Format Photography Mark Darragh 1 Why has film been your choice over digital?I’ve been using film ever since I was givenRead More »

Working With Formatt Hightec​

Working With Formatt Hightec So in the last few months I have had the pleasure of working with Forrmatt Hightech. Based in the UK, theyRead More »

Q and A with large format photographer Ben Horne

Q and A with large format photographer Ben Horne So in the last couple of years of being absorbed into large format I have beenRead More »

Welcome to the first blog​

Welcome to the first blog Welcome to the first blog on www.lewisjamesphillips.comI hope you enjoy the work on the site, our projects and have aRead More »

About A Strand​

About A Strand About A Strand was a project of 2 years in the making. A photographic social documentary showcasing mental health and homelessness.  TheRead More »

Femme Fierce

Femme Fierce Femme Fierce was an all female street art festival which ran between 2014 and 2016. At the time it was the largest allRead More »