Lewis James Phillips


Talks and Lectures

Lewis Phillips

Educational Talks

I now offer a variety of different talks based on my photography work and the ideas behind the projects. During the talks we shall look at the methods behind capturing the images and the research undertaken to eventually go out documenting the subjects, ideas or vistas. Subjects range from landscape, documentary and environmental which also covers the cultural aspects of life, from Spanish farming to townships of South Africa.

Photojournalism is an amazing aspect of creating work, it is a powerful way of sending a message or creating awareness. During the talks I will give insights to some of the extremely funny stories that have happened, the people that I have met and things that through my work I have uncovered, some which at times have even shocked me.

The session will last for 2 hours with a twenty minute interval for drinks. I shall show a range of images from my specific talks and an understanding of what it took to get me to these locations.

So if you would be interested in finding out more of peoples lives dealing with mental health, the decline of Vultures which are a crucial species to our planets ecosystem or the possible inspiration into the landscapes that inspired Tolkien, then please feel free to get in touch for more information on costs.