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What 2023 Holds

The new year is now well and truly in full swing and I have already had the opportunity of getting out with my field camera and the family, not sure if they were to happy with being dragged out of bed at 6am mid winter though. I have not really had the chance to have a break over the holiday but to be honest I like to be busy working on current and new projects. Last year I had some work published in magazines such as On Landscape, a magazine that has been very inspiring for me personally due to the creative writing and beautiful work on display there. I was also part of a team who delivered the new #conservationconversation magazine Woop Woop. This magazine I hope will give people the opportunity to read about great work being done in the field of conservation and raising the profile of creative arts along the way giving opportunities to people showcasing their talents. Personally, for me as an artist in 2023 I am looking forward to working with Formatt Hightech in creating content on how I use their products to create my work. Filters such as their Firecrest ND filters are a crucial part of my workflow and we hope to make some video content for people wanting to learn how to use them which will be a lot of fun. I also look forward to spending a little more time understanding the process of development when dunking my negatives and drum scanning. I shall leave links to all the brilliant people who help me create my work below. As for subjects or projects 2023 will see myself looking at the cultural importance of the Welsh chapels. Exterior views and locations will be the main focus looking at how they fit into the countryside and town spaces built in. I will be hoping to finish my current project of temperate rain forest, I will be visiting some locations to hopefully capture images not in the collection and start writing towards the intended book I would like to publish in 2024/25. If you would like to keep up to date with what I am doing or where I am going please feel free to give me a follow on Insta @cockneycameraman or Lewis James Phillips on FB. I shall also be setting up a podcast which I am really looking forward to doing so watch this space during 2023. www.woopwoopmagazine.co.uk www.the-darkroom.co.uk www.drumscanning.co.uk www.formatt-hitech.com
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