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2023 has been a positive year for me as an artist trying to find my way or a sense of which direction I hope to travel in. The commercial side is tough, and with investment in products to determine how I want my finished art works looking, this is other than selling the toughest part of being a full time artist. I for one certainly will not be giving my work away, it is to precious to me. All my time and effort, all the research, the travel, the film stock, the development and the final finished article just for it to go on sale for a minimum return. This is something I truly scratch my head with when looking at others work, selling cheap and cutting corners on finishing just to get sales, also the environmental footprint this has on the planet just to make something cheaper. Anyway enough of that debate which is a totally different blog! I must tell you all that I shall be starting a podcast, this is something that I am a year behind on, I shall be pulling my finger out and getting it ready for 2024. I will be looking at all genres in photography and art, I will also be inviting some of my amazing friends and colleges on to chat about their careers in the art and conservation world, the environment, cultures and politics. For those of you who no me it will also be a bit controversial at times, the odd swear word of course and hopefully lots of laughs, but learning must take place ( Words spouted from the mouth of the old bat who was my boss when teaching.) I also plan to have a great sidekick as part of the show, I just need to twist his arm over the coming weekend when we go out walking with our camera kit knee deep in rain and mud by the weather forecast. So keep eyes and ears open for the arrival of the best podcast ever done on planet earth. He who dares wins!
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