The Gyps Collection

A subject very close to my heart.

I have been documenting the lives of vultures and the habitats you find them in for over 10 years. Not just the birds though, the people and cultures that live with these magnificent birds, To me these birds are amazing, they keep our planet healthy and free of disease. Although to others they have a stereotype of being ugly, smelly, disgusting and evil , however some cultures look at the birds as good luck charms.

These birds are declining at an alarming rate and I have always wanted to showcase them in a manner that truly represents them. Their role on our planet is vital, if we do not help them there is the possibility they will go extinct, with some species of vultures in our life time. For instance African vultures are declining at a rate of 97%, the Asian Vulture in India has declined by 99%.

People also play a key role in their survival, in this collection you can see people who live with and work towards the survival of vultures.

I have been saying for many years my travels while documenting vultures should end up as a book, not one that is from a bird watching perspective or scientific, but a book that shows the charictor and landscape they live in with their human counterparts. in the future I do hope to publish one. Genres included will be the enviroments vultures live in, the cultures living with them, the people trying to save them and the trade that looks to exploit them for money.

I would also to thank those who have helped and guided me on this journey so far, from guides helping me in the field, to people I can now call friends in countries such as Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Andorra, South Africa.

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