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Over the last two decades I have been learning my craft as a photographer and the love of journalism which is an integral part of my work. As a conservationist my goal is and has always been to promote the environment through my work. Many of the images I try to showcase raises the issues faced by wildlife and the planets environment. Photography can play a vital role in education, giving the people the knowledge and understanding that may be crucial in helping the worlds ecosystems. I am also very passionate about culture, people and mental health. Again photography can give the viewer an idea of society’s lifestyles, jobs and positional roles that are part of peoples day to day normality. This can create inspiration and an wanting to learn more of human cultures and their daily lives. We can also give people a voice that they may never have had. Telling maybe a story of grief or achievement. Supporting me would be gratefully accepted, this would help cover the costs of film, development, fuel, exhibitions and much much more. £2.00 a month can greatly help towards future projects and hopefully making a difference to showcasing our landscape, environment, wildlife and peoples lives.