Lewis James Phillips


Prints And Fine Art

The Film
The size negative used to create the image are 5 by 4 inches, this means that the print can be produced to a larger than normal size. Due to the negative size of 5 by 4 inches the detail is more visible when large prints are produced, unlike on a normal 35mm or full frame sensor where there is not the scope to be able to do this is not possible.

Film used, Kodak, Ilford, Fuji

The Camera And Lenses
The camera is a 4 by 5 large format field camera. A totally different discipline to most cameras found on the market these days. It is made by Charmonix, the camera in itself is a work of art, crafted to give the smoothest movements and built to the highest standards. The lenses vary from 75mm, 125mm, 180mm 210mm and 300mm.

In the field
Large format photography an expensive process, it is crucial that you get the exposure correct when out in the elements, if this is not achieved then your images come out to bright or to dark. By using Firecrest filters made by Formatt Hightek it is possible to get the exposure across the frame balanced from the dark shadows to the extreme highlights in the composition.

Once the negatives are exposed they are then sent to a professional laboratory for processing, the negatives are then put through a number of chemical processes and agitated, they are then put through a dryer and then hung,presto a developed negative. It is crucial to also have a good relationship with the lab, they understand the importance of the work you have sent them for process.

Scanning The Desired Negative

The negative desired for the printing process is then sent to a professional drum scanning laboratory. The negatives go through a cleaning process and laid onto the drum scanner, the drum scanner then does its job by taking all the detail from the negative to a much higher quality than any other scanner available.

Post Process
Post process is minimal, the whole reason for photography using a negative is to create a living document that records what is scene during the exposure, there may be a little colour balancing or levels adjustment but that is it.

Wall Art Framed Prints
There are several different types of prints that can be produced from C-Type, traditional prints to Chrome – Lux, Gas print on aluminum, super sharp and longer lifespan.