Lewis James Phillips


The Podcast

The Podcast 2023 has been a positive year for me as an artist trying to find my way or a sense of which direction I hope to travel in. The commercial side is tough, and with investment in products to determine how I want my finished art works looking, this is other than selling the […]

New Artwork, New Thinking

New Artwork, New Thinking https://youtu.be/743SBICFtIg Photography has changed so much since the days I first picked up a camera, yet like myself many are falling back in love with the film process, it was certainly the best thing I have done, for myself as an artist anyway.  Large format photography is not instant, you have […]

National Parks or National Jokes

National Parks or National Jokes As the owner of a tourism based conservation business Wings of Wales, part of my job is guiding visitors on experience days with our birds of prey.  Over Easter I had a very nice couple from America visit, one of them was originally from the state of Vermont USA and […]

A Busy Few Months

Last Few Months The last few months have been interesting to say the least, in fact for me as an artist they have been one of really exploring myself.  I have began writing much more, I also feel this is a skill that is improving quiet nicely.  I have been fortunate enough to have a […]

Feeding Station

Feeding Station To those who know me, know my thoughts on how we are surrounded by agricultural deserts in Britain.  Poor environment, poor education for the generations in schools and no understanding of nature by the masses at all. I recently read a post on social media in regards to a Welsh Farm being commended […]

Happiness, Selfishness Or Greed

Happiness, Selfishness Or Greed The last few years have been strange and volatile for many of us around the world, and as we have moved out of the turmoil which is a pandemic, here in the UK one would think the public would just be sighing a breath of relief in regards to getting some […]

What 2023 Holds

What 2023 Holds The new year is now well and truly in full swing and I have already had the opportunity of getting out with my field camera and the family, not sure if they were to happy with being dragged out of bed at 6am mid winter though. I have not really had the […]

The End Of A Year In The Field. 2022

The End Of A Year In The Field. 2022 For me 2022 has been a big turnaround from a photography perspective. I personally have changed by preference by going back to photographing on film. I have used many film brands from Fuji to Kodak and my black and white choice has been Ilford Ortho. It […]

Working with Charmonix 45H-1

Working with Charmonix 45H-1 Since moving from digital to film the transitions has at times been a little scarey, fun and frustrating. I started with a bog standard large format 4 by 5 that I shall not name, the movements were not smooth, screws would fall out during transport, in general the build quality was […]

Rainforest Of The UK

Rainforest Of The UK For many years I have been disillusioned with what direction my photography career was moving in. The overwhelming abundance of images from digital capture. The demise in a true art (in my mind anyway) of images being overcooked and very unnatural at times. However thankfully I got back my Mojo by […]