Happiness, Selfishness Or Greed

Happiness, Selfishness Or Greed The last few years have been strange and volatile for many of us around the world, and as we have moved out of the turmoil which is a pandemic, here in the UK one would think the public would just be sighing a breath of relief in regards to getting some […]

What 2023 Holds

What 2023 Holds The new year is now well and truly in full swing and I have already had the opportunity of getting out with my field camera and the family, not sure if they were to happy with being dragged out of bed at 6am mid winter though. I have not really had the […]

The End Of A Year In The Field. 2022

The End Of A Year In The Field. 2022 For me 2022 has been a big turnaround from a photography perspective. I personally have changed by preference by going back to photographing on film. I have used many film brands from Fuji to Kodak and my black and white choice has been Ilford Ortho. It […]

Working with Charmonix 45H-1

Working with Charmonix 45H-1 Since moving from digital to film the transitions has at times been a little scarey, fun and frustrating. I started with a bog standard large format 4 by 5 that I shall not name, the movements were not smooth, screws would fall out during transport, in general the build quality was […]

Rainforest Of The UK

Rainforest Of The UK For many years I have been disillusioned with what direction my photography career was moving in. The overwhelming abundance of images from digital capture. The demise in a true art (in my mind anyway) of images being overcooked and very unnatural at times. However thankfully I got back my Mojo by […]

Mark Darragh True Large Format Wilderness Photographer

Interview With Wilderness Large Format Photography Mark Darragh 1 Why has film been your choice over digital? I’ve been using film ever since I was given my first camera at the age of 10 in the 1980s, so I’m of a generation that started photographing with film and in my case, never stopped. For over […]

Working With Formatt Hightec​

Working With Formatt Hightec So in the last few months I have had the pleasure of working with Forrmatt Hightech. Based in the UK, they have been working with photographer and film makers for decades. Their team are extremely friendly and have listened to my ideas as I move my career to the next chapter. […]

Q and A with large format photographer Ben Horne

Q and A with large format photographer Ben Horne So in the last couple of years of being absorbed into large format I have been researching great photographer’s from the past until now. One person’s work i really love is Ben Horne. Having spent my younger years traveling the Western States places like Nivarda and […]

Bomber Command – The Memories Of Three Men

Bomber Command – The Memories Of Three Men Bomber command was a personal piece of work that ended up taking just over a year. Having lived in Lincoln Lewis was aware of the legendary Lancaster Bomber. Lincolnshire was very influential during WW2 along with other parts of the eastern seaboard for strategic bombing over Germany […]

Welcome to the first blog​

Welcome to the first blog Welcome to the first blog on www.lewisjamesphillips.com I hope you enjoy the work on the site, our projects and have a look around the photography workshops that I offer. Whether it be bird of prey photography workshops or our intimate landscape workshops I run, I hope to see people visiting […]