A Busy Few Months

Last Few Months The last few months have been interesting to say the least, in fact for me as an artist they have been one of really exploring myself.  I have began writing much more, I also feel this is a skill that is improving quiet nicely.  I have been fortunate enough to have a […]

Feeding Station

Feeding Station To those who know me, know my thoughts on how we are surrounded by agricultural deserts in Britain.  Poor environment, poor education for the generations in schools and no understanding of nature by the masses at all.   I recently read a post on social media in regards to a Welsh Farm being […]

Photographer and writer Cody Schultz

Photographer and writer Cody Schultz Why large format?Two words: Ben Horne. Or perhaps “self-hatred” would be more apt. My journey into film began in 2017 (around the same time as when I dedicated myself to black and white) with a Pentax Spotmatic from my grandfather. From there I quickly progressed to a Mamiya C220 (which […]