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Last Few Months

The last few months have been interesting to say the least, in fact for me as an artist they have been one of really exploring myself.  I have began writing much more, I also feel this is a skill that is improving quiet nicely.  I have been fortunate enough to have a few pieces given recognition for publication which is always a nice feeling.  One of the places of publication is On Landscape Magazine which I stumbled across a couple of years ago when I got my photographic mojo back.  It had more of a philosophical approach to the articles, not just camera controls but a delve into the thought process, history and even spiritual aspect by some photographers thoughts.  These thoughts included things such as mental health, a personal issue for me as having suffered with PTSD, long term depression periods and anxiety that needs managing at times. I have written pieces on environmental issues which is a personal passion of mine, also some articles on classical music and even artists such as Turner, of which i look forward to seeing in print.  In the article on Turner I discuss the fact I have been reading more than ever before in my life, this is down to my wife who introduced me to Audible which I am truly thankful.  In three months I have read the stories on Hoblien, Monet, Turner and recently just finished the story of Constable in love.  I have been utterly blown away by their stories but have at times found some similarities in my own personal journey to theirs.  Other than I do not speak French, nor did I know Henry VIII, there were some instances in the others that made me think of my own personal career to date. https://www.onlandscape.co.uk/ If you are not aware, I represent and I suppose am represented by filters company Formatt Hitech.  I have recently purchased two new filters which I cannot wait to explore and once I have the negatives back from my next trip I shall be writing a post on these.  They have been invited to attend Waleswest Photo Convention at the ICC Wales venue, during the first two days I hope to showcase the craft of large format camera controls, along with the use of the Firecrest filters made by Formatt Higtech, The dates are the 15th to 17th of June 2023.  By the way, if you do need filters for your work type in promotion code LPHILLIPS10, and get 10% of any filters purchased via their website. https://www.formatt-hitech.com/ https://www.waleswestphoto.com/ I have also had the fortune of being represented by the art gallery Erwood Station, this is a beautiful venue located on the River Wye near the town of Builth Wells.  They also have a wonderful tea room and train carriages where you can sit and watch all the native woodland birds feeding next to the river walk.  The owners welcomed my framed prints to the gallery and enjoyed the conservation side to their story, currently the work I have on display there comes from the collection of The Lost Forests Of Britain. This leads me on to my next trip to Scotland which I am also taking with the family.  We shall be visiting some of the best rain forests the UK has to offer, I am looking forward to hopefully seeing some white tailed eagles in the region and of course sharing the experience with the family.  In the next blog I hope to show some of the work taken in the Highlands using the new filters and fill you in with the stories from the trip.
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